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You can see only one page introducing our company in English for our website, if you are interested, please contact directly with Miss Nancy.


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We are a clothing company in China, located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which is a new and modern city with a history of 30 years. The name of our company is "Shenzhen No Brand Clothing Co., Ltd. " (深圳市沒有品牌服裝有限公司)

We are a social enterprise with a goal of fixed reasonable profit which will be reduced gradually when more and more people becoming our clients. Our principles are "sustainable development of garment production and consumption", summarized as follows:

1. Based on the production of client orders, producing exquisite, fit, strong and durable, classic and practical clothing, advocate to wear as long as possible, reducing resource consumption.

2. Use the safest organic fabrics or other harmless pollution to environment. In addition to general clothing, you can order fleece, Pajamas, underware and bed sheet, for all the crowd.

3. We do not advocate client to buy too many clothes, it is recommended to keep each person's wardrobe a necessary number of apparel, we offer free repair and clothes collection services. We also do not do any payable business advertisement and preferential promotions.

4. We adopt transparent pricing strategy. You can see the price of all costs in our website. Our gross profit is within 20% and guarantee that we never sell at a discount.

5. We oppose to get profits by squeezing the profit margins of the upstream partners and respect the labour of our stuff paying salaries above average.

6. We will offer our clients the best and most honest service, expect more and more people agree with "sustainable development of garment production and consumption". We resolutely perform this concept, trying our best to play a role as to turn the fashion mainstream culture into a force for good.

7.We only sell the product by internet. If you cannot come to our working room to measure your size, please send us a sample of your cloth which is fit yourself well. For more details please contact Miss Nancy.

If necessary, we may open English custom page in the future. Thank you for your kind attention! Tell your friends if you feel good!

Make the best use of our recourse. Reducing and Cycling. Try not to hold.